About me


Hi! My name is Lucas Falcao. I’m a CG artist, graduated in Design and born in Porto Alegre, Brazil 1986. I started learning 3D in 2007, when I was at college of Design. There I had some classes where I learned the fundamentals of computer graphics and since there, I never stoped studying and practicing.

I have been working professionaly with computer graphics for about 6 years now. In this six years I worked with diferent types of projects, such as animation, advertising, architecture and games. Which makes me learn a lot of different techniques and helped me to be a good problem solver.

My main focus is in modeling and texturing, both hard surface and organic, with solid skills in UV’s. But I’m not limited to just that, I also have knowledge in digital sculpting and some degree in shader, lightining and compositing. My favorite tool set it’s Blender and Krita, but I’m also comfortable with 3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop and Gimp.

Kind regards and thanks for visit my blog!  :)