12 June, 2012

Red Fox

This is an old model/work I started sometime ago, but only now I managed to finish it. And it was a challenge to me do this work, a lot of complex things, fur and grass, but I learned a lot too. I posted my progress in the Blender Artists forum and I received a lot of feedback that helped me a lot to improve this work, so a big thanks to those guys!

Since I was a kid I always like nature and really like watch documentaries about this, so I guess this fase of my childhood has inspired me in my last two works and it was really good. So I decided create that red fox, because I really like this orange color and their contrast with the green of grass, trees, etc, I think it's beautiful and I always think the fox as a friendly animal, so that's what I tryed to pass here.
I used Blender for almost everything, just used Photoshop for some retouches in the texture and in the final render.

Here is the link of the main image I used to create the diffuse texture of the fox, from the site Free Nature Wallpaper; http://free-naturewallpaper.com/nature-images/animals/fox-nature-images/Red-Fox.php