27 November, 2011

Blue Shark

This is something I started for the Blender Guru's underwater contest, but I didn't like my result, so I decided work a little bit more on this scene. The idea of this scene was create a blue shark in the middle of a fish shoal, in search for food.
I modeled the shark using a drawing I found on internet as reference, and a lot of images to try reproduce the underwater mood. For the ocean I create a plane and use displament with a procedural texture. The fish shoal was create using the particles system. And the compositing was made in Blender and a litte color correction in Photoshop.

16 November, 2011

BlenderArt #35

BlenderArt magazine #35 was release today and there is a making of about Ruby in this edition . The subject of this issue is Character Building, so download and take a look!  :)