12 July, 2010

My Project of Graduation in Visual Design

Last week finally it's over the college! Now i'm graduated in visual design, one more step finished. So, this post it's about my project, a animation for one association of protection to animals called AGPA. I worked about four months to finish the animation and half of the project, because the other half, the first part of project, was finished one semester before. I created everything in the video from scratch, only the rig, that was my friend André who created for me. The brand and the site of association was design by the company A2MR.

I really liked do this, although I'm not a animator, this my second experience with character animation, the first time was with the biped in 3ds max, that left me traumatized. Now with Blender was fun to animate!

I just say a BIG thanks to André Souza, for help me with the rig and animations.
I also want to thank the dear girls of A2MR.